Digital Media Producer

Video Editor

Motion Graphics Designer


Dive In

Engaging Audiences

JuilliardX: Online Courses

Online courses on edX featuring Juilliard faculty. Courses include illuminating HD video, engaging written learning materials, video interviews with experts, comprehension quizzes, and more.


  • Producer and Director
  • Production management
  • Camera operation
  • Post-production supervision
  • Video editor (Premiere)
  • Audio editor (Audition)
  • Motion graphics (After Effects)

Juilliard Open Studios

A documentary series which explored the inside story behind timeless works of art, as Juilliard students, faculty, and alumni bring them to life. Available only on iOS.


  • Producer
  • Production management
  • Camera operator

Juilliard Creative Classroom

Produced, shot, and edited 200+ clips for Juilliard Creative Classroom which offers K-12 music and dance curriculum activities.


  • Production management
  • Director and camera operator
  • Video editor (Premiere)
  • Audio editor (Audition)
  • Motion Graphics (After Effects)

Picture Yourself…

For an exhibition centered around portraiture, the Rubin Museum chose to produce an in-gallery photobooth. The booth would capture visitors as they emulated the themes and forms from the exhibition in front of an authentic South Asian painted backdrop. In post-production, a custom filter was applied to each photo and posted to this online gallery.


  • Custom photobooth app (iPad)
  • Front-end Development for online gallery (WP theme/masonry)
  • Post-production workflow (Photoshop)

Lisa Ross: A Xuighur Pilgrimage

An interactive journey, showcasing artist Lisa Ross’s incredible photography of Xuighur, China. Built on the Klynt storytelling platform, the pilgrimage experience was comprised of video segments and environmental sound paired with documentary photographs.


  • Content Development
  • Producer/Project Manager
  • Editor (Klynt, Final Cut Pro)

The Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room Interactive

The Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room is a featured installation in the Rubin Museum’s ongoing exhibition Gateway to Himalayan Art. The Shrine Room is one of the most popular attractions at the Museum, and this gallery interactive offers visitors a chance to explore the objects of the shrine in great detail.


  • Producer/Project Manager
  • Front-end Development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Virtual Tour Engineer (Panotour Pro)

Radical Terrain: Mapping Contemporary Landscapes

Radical Terrain was an examination of works inspired by landscape which brought together eight international contemporary artists and a selection of modernist Indian art from just after independence. Working alongside curator Beth Citron, I produced and edited a series of videos with each of the contemporary artists represented in the show, as well as a custom exhibition microsite.


  • Director/Co-Producer/Editor
  • Front-end Development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Produced 8 videos/photofilms

About Me


Developing, interpreting and sharing stories has been the defining practice of my professional life. From interactive multimedia journeys to short-form documentaries, I am passionate about crafting impactful stories that educate and inspire.



Successful collaborations rely on sharing a common vision.  Developing and communicating that vision are my strengths as a project manager and colleague. I aim to facilitate any process with patience, an open mind and a deep respect for the talents of the team.


Problem Solver.

Each project is a unique puzzle. Often it takes a combination of creative experimentation and technical experience to put the pieces together. My diverse skill-set makes me uniquely qualified to find elegant solutions and always keep an eye on the big picture.

Video & Motion Graphics

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Audio Engineer
Wirecast (Live-streaming)


Responsive Design
Wordpress/Expression Engine


Panotour Pro